Powercraft 206 AC/DC

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The POWERCRAFT® 206 is a 200 amp 240V / 10amp ACDC TIG Welder. Light portable & easy to use it is capable of all your TIG Welding needs – capable of HF and Lift TIG AC/DC, TIG pulse AC/DC,TIG Spot, Stick Welding.  Light & portable it weighs only 12.1kg. Ideal for use in the workshop or on-site for maintenance, small repairs & general fabrication.

Input voltage (V) / phase 240±10% / 1
Frequency 50/60
Maximum input current (A) 19.5 20.5 29.6
Input effective current Ieff (A) 8.7 9.2 9.4
Input power (KW) 4.9 4.9 7.2
Welding current (A) 10-200 10-200 30-200
Max no-load voltage (V) 73 73 10.5
Duty Cycle 20% 200A
60% 115A
100% 90A
20% 200A
60% 115A
100% 90A
10% 200A
60% 85A
100% 65A
Power factor (%) 0.99
Protection class IP21S
Circuit breaker 15A “D” Class
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D 350 x 220 x 580
Weight (Kg) machine only 12.1
Generator requirements Output: ≥ 8kVa / Output range: 190-265 volts /
Peak max: 370 volts / Frequency: 50-60Hz
POWERCRAFT® 206 is a powerful 200AMP AC/DC TIG WELDER which is able to be powered by the standard 10 amp power supply. TIG weld with confidence from almost anywhere, whether it be in the workshop, the work site, or in the home garage.
Weighing in at only 12.1kg, the Powercraft 206 ACDC punches well above its weight class, able to complete almost every job for you. This versatile welding machine is light, robust & powerful.
Both easy to read, and easy to use, the POWERCRAFT® 206’s display creates a user-friendly experience. The simple digital LCD screen provides for accurate setting and feedback of welding output.

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